Our up to date digital X-ray system is available to perform X-Rays on your pets. We are able to take the high quality X-Rays and assess problems quickly. In some cases we email the X-Rays to specialists for advice and opinions. Usually x-rays require sedation so your pet stays still, but we will of course tailor what we do to the health of your pet.

X-rays are useful as an aid for diagnosing many problems. Some of those commonly investigated are: heart enlargement, breathing problems, lameness or pain. X-rays help point us in the right direction to achieve a speedy diagnosis for your pet.

In many cases the X-rays help us to verify our diagnoses, ensuring that your pet gets the correct treatment from the word go. We also offer dental x-rays that will help us to identify the nature and extent of any dental problems your pet may be developing. Having X-Ray equipment on hand saves making an extra trip to the veterinary hospital and makes for faster diagnosis and treatment.