Pet Pathology

We currently have the latest technology in our laboratory which enables us to perform blood tests and other analysis on site. Results can be available in under 30 minutes for prompt assessment of your pet meaning we can find out what the problem is faster and start treating your pet.

The range of pathological services we can provide includes:

  • External haematology screening and interpretation service

  • Urine pathology

  • Cytology service

  • “Snap” blood tests to screen for diseases such as pancreatitis, feline leukaemia and immunodeficiency virus and feline and canine heart worm

  • Faecal examination service

  • External histopathology service

  • Large range of complex and specialised external screening services for immune diseases, cancer and a range of other far-reaching health issues.

Faster assessment and diagnosis means your pet can be treated sooner which can make a huge difference to long term outcomes in many serious illnesses.