Having your pets desexed is part of being a responsible pet owner. There are a number of benefits for your pets as well as preventing many unwanted behaviours. Most Veterinarians recommend desexing your dog or cat at around six months of age. The larger breeds of dogs can be allowed to grow a little more and the surgery may be delayed until 8 to 9 months of age.

Some benefits of desexing dogs are:

  • Female dogs no longer come in to heat

  • Prevention of ovarian cysts and cancers
  • Prevention of pyometron (severe life threatening uterine infection)
  • If done prior to 18 months of age there is a marked reduction in the incidence of mammary (breast) cancer
  • Prevention of testicular cancers
  • Prevention of prostatic cysts, infections and cancers in male dogs
  • Improved behaviour, less wandering, less aggression and generally easier to train.

Some benefits of desexing cats include:

  • Birth control and a reduction in unwanted kittens
  • Not coming on heat every 6-9 months, and the very loud “calling”

  • Prevention of ovarian cysts and cancers
  • Prevention of pyometron (severe uterine infection)
  • Marked improvement in behaviour in male cats including less wandering and fighting
  • Elimination of the very strong “offensive” urine odour

Discuss your options with us for desexing your cat or dog. The procedure is performed routinely by our qualified staff.