Itchy, scratchy or painful skin is distressing to your pet and the local climate adds to this problem for many pets. There are various signs which could indicate skin problems in dogs and cats but itchiness and patchy hair loss are the most commonly presented ones. There are many reasons (and often more than one) for this and treatment needs to be individual and unique for each pet.

Your Skin Consultation

Skin issues can be frustrating so we always suggest a longer initial consultation time. This allows us the time to discuss in depth possible reasons for your pet’s skin problems such as: fleas, allergies and hypersensitivities, infections and immune reactions. We also need to find out the previous treatments and tests your pet has received and the full medical history. Further testing may be required and can range from very simple tests to extensive procedures to come to a diagnosis for your pet.

While not all skin conditions can be cured, most can be managed so that your pet is kept comfortable and content.