Cat Boarding

Five Star Luxury Cat Boarding

WE know that it’s not just a cat. WE know that it’s very, very, special.
WE know that it deserves a very, very, special place to stay when you go away.


It’s very difficult having some time away from home when it means that you have to leave your best mate behind.

If you were comfortable in the knowledge that your little furry friend was being taken care of by people who cared if he or she was warm, comfortable and well-fed, you wouldn’t feel so bad about having some time out of town, or moving house or just being unavailable for a while.

At 4 Paws Neutral Bay Veterinary Hospital, we decided it was about time that you had the freedom to come and go without worrying about the magnificent moggy you care so much about. So with bigger and better premises to move around in, we decided to provide you with the opportunity of leaving moggy with us, while you do what you have to do. You can then be comfortable in the knowledge that your furry friend is receiving the best of care and attention in your absence!

And to make your life even easier we can do all those picky little things you’ve been meaning to get done for ages. Teeth cleaning, vaccinations, grooming and nail clipping are done while your cat stays with us, so when you return you’ll receive a ‘maintenance-free’ moggy – one that doesn’t need another ‘service’ until your next break.

Your furry friend is welcome to stay as long as you need and it likes, in the climate-controlled, soundproofed premises, and romp in the play pen. And when it’s time for a cat nap your favourite feline can retire to its large individual sleeping quarters.

Telephone or email 4 Paws for availability and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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Mon-Fri: 8:00am-7:00pm
Sat: 9:00am-4:00pm
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Phone: 02 9953 1264


4 Paws Vet is conveniently located in the heart of Neutral Bay, just off the Harbour Bridge.

154 Military Road (between Ben Boyd Road and Young Street), Neutral Bay.

We provide our clients with free, undercover parking accessible through Grosvenor Lane. See Google maps for details.