Cat Boarding

It’s can be difficult having some time away when it means that you have to leave your best furry friend behind. Offering cat boarding as part of our veterinary hospital service means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your cat is being taken care of by fully trained veterinary nurses to offer your cat the best of care. Also while your cat is at our facilities we can also take care of some of the things you’ve been meaning to get done for ages.

Some additional services include;

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Grooming
  • Nail clipping

These are done while your cat stays with us, so when you return you’ll receive a ‘maintenance-free’ cat that doesn’t need another routine vet visit for quite some time. Your cat is welcome to stay as long as you need in the climate-controlled, soundproofed premises, and specially designed play pen.


Each cat has its own large individual sleeping quarters. We ensure your cat is given premium cat food and lots of love and cuddles. No dogs are able to access these facilities. You may bring your own cat food if your cat has special dietary needs or is just a bit fussy. Cats that have serious medical conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy are closely monitored by our veterinarians and nurses.

You are welcome to arrange a viewing of the cattery prior to bringing your cat to stay with us.

Some requirements

All cats must be up-to-date with their vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. These can be arranged through the clinic prior to boarding if necessary. If your cat’s vaccination was administered elsewhere we will require a vaccination certificate.

Please note: We do not board kittens until they have completed their full course of vaccinations. All cats over 5 months of age must be desexed before we are able to board them with us.