Pet Prescription Medications

Many of your pets will be prescribed medications that are dispensed from our pharmacy. As with human medications, it is critically important that you follow the directions and complete the course prescribed. If you are unsure about dosage please contact us immediately.

In many patients a number of medications may be given at the one time – for example dogs with heart failure may take up to four medications each morning and night. These combinations are often necessary to achieve the best outcome.

If you find you cannot give the medication, please ask us if we can provide an alternative that may be easier to dose. With many medications we have options of tablets, pastes, liquids, gels or even compounded medications, which can be applied to the inner ear. Some of the newer antibiotic injections last up to two weeks, which eliminates the difficulty of giving tablets. Some new arthritis tablets for dogs only have to be given once a month.

If your pet shows any of the following problems with medications, please contact us: vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, rashes, drowsiness or you simply cannot give the medications.

Please do not mix medications or alter doses without first checking with one of our veterinarians.

It is important to note that it is ILLEGAL to obtain medications from overseas via the internet and you are liable to be prosecuted by authorities.

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