Pet Insurance

You have health insurance – isn’t it time your pet does too?

Did you know that Australians have one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world and that we also spend enormous amounts of money caring for our pets – around $6 billion each year?

Our pets are much cherished members of our families so we are more than happy to spend a considerable amount of money on their general care such as feeding and grooming them. However, veterinary costs can also be significant, especially since advances in veterinary medicine mean more treatment options are now available for your pet. Therefore, more and more Australians are looking at ways to make their veterinary bills more affordable. One of these ways is to invest in a health plan or insurance for your pet.

Obtaining pet insurance is similar to your own health insurance in many ways. There are many insurance companies and types of policies and so it pays to shop around to find the plan that best suits your needs before purchasing. One thing for sure, though, is it is best to insure your pet from a young age as insurers exclude any pre-existing conditions.

There is also no benefit whatsoever in chopping and changing your pet insurance over the years of your pet’s life (in fact it is detrimental) so, in order to get the best out of your pet insurance, you need to choose your insurer and stick with it.

Pet insurance is worthwhile considering, especially as it helps you cover the costs of your pet’s veterinary care. So, do your research, and remember to bring your pet to 4 Paws Vet to obtain a clean bill of health before signing up to pet insurance.

Pick up a brochure on Pet Insurance on your next visit to 4 Paws Vet.


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