Blocked cats – a true emergency

Male cats can commonly suffer from blockage of the urethra. This blockage is usually caused by uroliths (or small stones) forming in the bladder. These stones (if small enough) can be excreted through the urethra but, sometimes unfortunately, blockage can occur because the stones are too big to pass through. This is intensely painful and, with the bladder overfilling, causes the build of toxins in the body resulting in a very sick cat. If left untreated, the bladder will eventually rupture resulting in disastrous consequences.

Signs of urinary tract blockage include: straining trying to pass urine frequent visits to the litter tray vocalisation blood in the urine drooling or vomiting refusing to eat If you suspect your cat may be blocked it is very important to contact 4 Paws Vet immediately and seek urgent medical attention.

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